Aparanoidbw Aparanoidbw 2 August 2017

Calling all editors

Just trying to see if any other editors are out there.  I've been thinking of adding a typo page, since the current  version of the game has some broken english translations and a lot of the content I've added is exactly as it appears in game.

I've also been thinking about trying to hunt down other communities and link to them.  I already added a link to the Mudwars Facebook page.  And I'm curious if anyone has any Discord servers running for this or if anyone wants to.  I thought I saw a reddit post about one.

Let me know if you have any comments, want to say hi, or play a round together.

Edit:  for tracking, the only other known user so far has been Tankuasas.

Edit 2: i was granted Admin privileges on 9/27, link removed from main page.

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