"Wrap tank into smoke and will be invisible for enemies, but your digging will be visible."

Smoke Screen is an ability all tanks have once they reach level 5. This ability can be activated by clicking on the icon or by pressing the "1" key on the keyboard. Once activated, the player will be invisible to other players for 15 seconds or until the player fires. This ability can only be activate one time every 60 seconds.

Note Edit

- A player can still receive damage if an enemy fires upon their position.

- Although the player will be invisible, enemies can see the displacement of dirt (digging) that a player is doing. A player using smoke screen should stay in previously dug tunnels.

- If a you are ranked high enough on the leader board your location is shown on the mini map and enemies get directional markers pointing to you. Although Smoke Screen will make your tank invisible, this directional marker is still visible to enemy players and gives away your position.

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