Upgrades is a feature that helps to improve your tank in different ways. There are 7 upgrades right now. When a player re-spawns their upgrades are reset and they receive the proper amount of points based on their Experience.

Reload Edit

Every upgrade increases rate of fire, which uses energy at a faster rate.

Damage Edit

Every upgrade increases your damage, bullet size and engergy used per shot.
Damage amounts are shown with the Winter Update.

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Damage 15 24 32 41 49 58 66 75 83 92 100

Speed (Removed) Edit

Currently speed is determined by how many upgrade points have been spent on your tank. The more points you spend, the larger your tank becomes and the slower you move.[1] A level 55 tank with 55 points available will be just as fast as a fresh level 1 tank.

Health Edit

Every upgrade increases maximum hit points by 90.

Heal Edit

Every upgrade increases your health regeneration.

Energy Edit

Every upgrade increases your maximum energy. This allows for longer periods of continuous fire. However, your meter will never read above 100%, so this upgrade is only noticed while firing.

Recharge Edit

Every upgrade increases your energy recharging speed.

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